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Hey, I'm Omid

Maker | Breaker | Designer | Engineer | Researcher

I am a firm believer in the power of interdisciplinary work. In the times we live in, one cannot only consider a single angle of a project and hope for a solution that can withstand the test of time. The future of design is at the hands of interdisciplinary design teams.

I myself come from a multidisciplinary background. I studied electrical engineering at the University of Toronto for my undergrad, but I spent a lot of time doing computer engineering projects. I think engineers have a unique mindset and perspective of the world around them. They consider everything as a tool and are obsessed with making things better.

In my undergrad, I learned how to be obsessed with creative problem solving, to the degree that in my spare time, I mostly spent my time breaking things apart and "attempting" to repair them. But engineers are also typically constrained by their ideas of the world, which is why I felt that I needed to learn more about design from other perspectives.

I decided to join the Digital Futures program at OCAD University for my master's degree, working closely with artists and other designers from a wide range of backgrounds. Working with them allowed me to see their perspective on issues and how they tackle problem-solving in their fields. I got to learn firsthand from their expertise and expand my own horizon.

At OCAD, not only I got the chance to work with experts from different fields, I got the opportunity to work at the Interactive Futures Lab. IFL is a lab focused on Human-Computer Interaction, combining humans and technologies, two fascinating things in the world, and focus on designing technologies using a human-centred approach. At IFL, I got the chance to work with inclusive designers, computer scientists, artists, and many more experts.

Working with these fantastic people opened my eyes to the wild world of design. It made me more appreciative of the unique skills people bring into projects and how a simple project might be seen so differently by different people.

In my spare time, you can typically find me trying to learn something new, make something super random, take photos, or even make videos.

Do you want to have a quick chat? Shoot me an email, and we can plan something.

Omid Ettehadi

Omid Ettehadi

Digital Product Designer

My Expertise

Product Design

Translating business needs into digital product experiences. Identifying product requirements based on business needs and selecting the appropriate KPIs to measure the success of the product.

Design Research

Collaborating with users to identify their needs. Working closely with the users to understand their demands and translating the insights into detailed design goals that can be used to design the solution.

Design Sprints

Running intense workshops to shorten the time spent on designing a product. Mapping out challenges, exploring solutions, creating prototypes, and testing them directly with users.

Rapid Prototyping

Creating quick and effective prototypes. Implementing ideas into tangible forms, building prototypes of varying degrees of fidelity to capture design concepts and test with users.

A/B Testing

Testing variations with users to identify the ideal solution. Running studies on different variance of solution to identify the solution that would generate the best outcome.


Guiding the team through to a successful conclusion. Planning the group process, selecting the effective tools, and creating an atmosphere where participants can freely share their ideas and work towards the ideal solution.

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